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Animals in Irish Society explores the vegan Irish epistemology, one that can be traced along Ireland’s history of animism, agrarianism, ascendency, adaptation, and activism. This podcast series contributes to the growing field of postcolonial Critical Animal Studies by applying theories vegan feminism and vegan socialism to the Irish context. From its zoomorphic pagan roots to its legacy of vegetarianism, the country has been more receptive to the interests of other animals than is currently acknowledged. More than a land of “meat” and potatoes, Ireland exists as a relevant, if overlooked, contributor to Western vegan thought.

Episode 1 | Animism in Ancient Ireland

Episode 2 | The Church and Medieval Ireland

Episode 3 | Land of Meat and Potatoes?

Episode 4 | The Great Famine

Episode 5 | The Troubles

Episode 6 | Irish Animal Activism

Learn more in my forthcoming book Animal in Irish Society forthcoming with SUNY Press July 2021.