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Author’s Reception at Monmouth University

Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn

At an author’s reception at Monmouth University on April 6, 2016, I gave a short speech on the purpose of my latest book, A Rational Approach to Animal Rights (available from I stated that, as an activist-scholar, I hoped to make Nonhuman Animal rights more accessible to Sociology, and Sociology more accessible to Nonhuman Animal rights. I was tickled to receive some support from our provost in the back of the audience, who is also a vegan!

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Successful Defense

Wrenn Defense

This month I successfully defended my dissertation, Professionalization, Factionalism, and Social Movement Success: A Case Study of Nonhuman Animal Rights Mobilization. I am pictured here with my amazing chair Dr. Michael Carolan who specializes in environmental sociology and food justice just as I was made Dr. Wrenn.

Thank you to all of my readers and colleagues for helping me along my path. Your support, feedback, and encouragement mean the world to me. I am looking forward to a long career in service of the animals. My dissertation will not be made public as I have plans to publish it as a book in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Presentation at Monmouth University

Animals and Society Lecture

Hello! If you are visiting this site following my presentation at Monmouth University on March 2nd, you may access a copy of the powerpoint with full lecture notes by clicking here.  Interested in learning more about the Animals & Society section of the American Sociological Association? Visit our website and follow us on Facebook.  Want to know more about my work? Check out my public sociology and my academic research in this area.

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