Feminism, Intersectionality & Identity

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Activism Amidst COVID-19

Age, Gender, and Veganism

Are Vegans too Open to Free-Riders?

A Vegan Feminist Response to Nonhumans First

Atheists and Agnostics Largest ‘Religious’ Demographic in Animal Rights

Black Veganism and the Animality Politic

Brexit, Dog-knapping, and Otherized Dogs of the EU

Can Choice Feminism Advance Vegan Politics?

Can Flexitarianism Facilitate a Vegan World? Research Suggests Another Agenda

Civilizing Horses and Travellers in Post-Colonial Ireland

Could Fat-Shaming and Health-Shaming Encourage Veganism?

Fat Vegan Politics: Why Health-Shaming, Body-Policing, and Fat Stigma Hurts Humans and Other Animals

Gender and Victorian Animal Advocacy

Irish Car Bombs aren’t Cruelty-Free, but Not for the Reasons You Would Expect

Irish Vegan Feminism: Intersections of Sexism, Speciesism, and Resistance in Postcolonial Ireland

Is Nudity a Prerequisite for Vegan Women’s Strength?

Is This What Vegan Looks Like?

It’s Like, Totally Sexist

Medicalizing Animal Rights

On Moral Relativism and Animal Liberation

Piecemeal Protest: Animal Rights in the Age of Nonprofits

Pussy Grabs Back: How Feminists Bestialized Politics but Failed Nonhuman Animals

Racism as Zoological Witchcraft

Should Vegans Have Children?

Study Shows Objectified Women Less Likely to be Activists

Trump Veganism? Research Finds a Highly Intersectional American Vegan Movement

The “Deserted Island” Vegan Scenario is a Reality for Millions

The Problem with Milk Not Jails

The Rationalization of Misogyny: Why I left the Vegan Skeptic Community

The White Privilege in Vegan Moral Superiority

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook and the Problem of Vegan Blackface

Unnecessarily Gendered Vegan Food

Veganism “At All Costs” Hurts Animals

Vegan Geographies in Ireland

Vegan Protest is Ritualized, but is it Religious?

What Black Lives Matter Can Teach White Vegans

What is Intersectionality?

What Sociology Can Tell Us about Empathy for Animals

When White Makes Right: Racism, Neo-Colonialism, and Single-Issue Campaigns

White Women Wanted? Research Uncovers Diversity Strains in Vegan Media Spaces

Why Food Justice is a Feminist Issue

Why I’m Giving Beyoncé’s Vegan Campaign a Chance

You Won’t Believe This Shocking Whole Foods “Healthcare” Policy

World Vegan Month Series 2018: Social Psychology

Male Emotional Displays


World Vegan Month Series 2017: Social Psychology


Gendered Helping

In-group Bias

World Vegan Month Series 2016: Vegan Research

Animals and Women

Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation

Identity and Effectiveness

Manhood and the Exploitation of Animals

Race as a “Feeble Matter” in Veganism

Sexist Imagery Reinforces Speciesist Sentiment

Veganism as a Cultural Movement


Why Feminist-Vegan Now?

Women and the Animal Rights Movement


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