Media Representations

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A History of The Vegan Society

Are Animal Crackers Vegan?

Are Teddy Bears Vegan? President Roosevelt and the SPCA

Could Fat-Shaming and Health-Shaming Encourage Veganism?

Derren Does Dairy: When Skepticism Fails Veganism

Fat Vegan Politics: Why Health-Shaming, Body-Policing, and Fat Stigma Hurts Humans and Other Animals

Ghost Stories Tell Us a Lot about Animals in Human Society

How Dawn Saves Wildlife While Killing Other Animals En Masse

Is This What Vegan Looks Like?

It’s Like, Totally Sexist

Medicalizing Animal Rights

Piecemeal Protest: Animal Rights in the Age of Nonprofits

Pussy Grabs Back: How Feminists Bestialized Politics but Failed Nonhuman Animals

New Package, Same Old Problem: Animal Crackers and Veganism

Racism as Zoological Witchcraft

Study Shows Objectified Women Less Likely to be Activists

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook and the Problem of Vegan Blackface

White Women Wanted? Research Uncovers Diversity Strains in Vegan Media Spaces

World Vegan Month Series 2018: Social Psychology

Can You Read Yourself Vegan?

Prosocial Media Modeling


Vividness Doesn’t Persuade

World Vegan Month Series 2017: Social Psychology

Dissemination Channels


Fear-Framed Persuasion

Mere Exposure Effect

World Vegan Month Series 2016: Vegan Research

Readability of Vegan Outreach Literature

Sexist Imagery Reinforces Speciesist Sentiment

The Significance of Animal Suffering



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