Dr. Corey L. Wrenn: Advocating Science and Intersectionality in the Study of Social Movements, Animal Rights Activism, and Veganism

Welcome to the cyber home of Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn, UK-based American sociologist and scholar of social movements and human-nonhuman relations. The magnitude of nonhuman suffering is such that activists can’t afford to take chances. My work is designed to take the guesswork out of social movement mobilization and animal rights activism, and I need your help to implement the findings.

What works and what doesn’t? I say show me the research!

My Expertise

I have published over thirty academic, peer-reviewed pieces on the topic of effective social movement mobilization. I am also the author of the books, A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory (Palgrave 2016), Piecemeal Protest: Animal Rights in the Age of Nonprofits (University of Michigan Press 2019), and Animals in Irish Society: Interspecies Oppression and Vegan Liberation in Britain’s First Colony (2021). I have presented this work at leading academic conferences such as the American Sociological Association, but my work has also been featured in mainstream news spaces such as the BBC, The Huffington Post, and Women’s Health magazine.

In 2013, I realized my commitment to scholar-activism by founding the Vegan Feminist Network. VFN is a coalition of vegan women advocating for intersectional awareness and solidarity across social justice issues. I have also co-founded the International Association of Vegan Sociologists and I host the podcast Sociology & Animals.

Your commitment to learning, evidence, and research is essential to good activist hygiene. My aim is to help you nurture the art of critical thinking and the skill of scientific process. Further, you will be armed with the data to support smart tactics.

What works and what doesn’t? I say show me the research!

Getting Started

You can view and download all of my research free of charge on here on my website, while a full C.V. outlining my academic publications, teaching experience, and service may be downloaded here. On this website you can also find a thought-provoking series of easy-to-digest blog essays which summarize key takeaways from the scientific and sociological study of animal liberation, ecofeminism, intersectionality, and veganism.

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