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Advancing Veganism in a “Post-Vegan Society”: A Review of Veganism: Politics, Practice, and Theory

Age, Gender, and Veganism

A History of The Vegan Society

Are Vegans too Open to Free-Riders?

A Vegan Feminist Response to Nonhumans First

Are Animal Crackers Vegan?

Black Veganism and the Animality Politic

Can a Meat Tax Advance Animal Rights?

Can Choice Feminism Advance Vegan Politics?

Can Flexitarianism Facilitate a Vegan World? Research Suggests Another Agenda

Can Veganism Save Your Life? I’m Skeptical

Can Veganism Save the World? This is Hope

Can We “Have Our Cow and Eat Her, Too?”

Could Fat-Shaming and Health-Shaming Encourage Veganism?

Derren Does Dairy: When Skepticism Fails Veganism

Eating Vegan vs. Being Vegan: The Vegan Society and Depoliticized Capitalist Campaigning

Fat Vegan Politics: Why Health-Shaming, Body-Policing, and Fat Stigma Hurts Humans and Other Animals

The Fetishization of “Animal-Friendly” Animal Products

Heganism is Sexist

How Dawn Saves Wildlife While Killing Other Animals En Masse

How Do I Positively Engage My Non-Vegan Family?

How Effective is the Vegan Lecture? Exam Scores Tell a Horrifying Story

Is Honey Vegan?

Is It Vegan to Eat Mock Meat?

If You Care about Animals, In-Vitro Meat is Not the Answer

Is Nudity a Prerequisite for Vegan Women’s Strength?

Is This What Vegan Looks Like?

Mainstreaming Veganism: Full Interview with Imagine5

Nearly 1,000 Academics & Professionals in Support of Plant-based Universities

New Package, Same Old Problem: Animal Crackers and Veganism

PETA, Dahmer, and Intersectional Failure

Piecemeal Protest: Animal Rights in the Age of Nonprofits

Plant-based Catering at the University of Kent

Racism as Zoological Witchcraft

Selling Cancer to Beat Cancer? When Nonvegan Foods Go Pink for Profit

Should Vegans Be Organ Donors?

Should Vegans Have Children?

Society Writings: Veganism Made Real in Print

Solving Moral Conflicts in a Non-Vegan World

Trump Veganism? Research Finds a Highly Intersectional American Vegan Movement

The “Deserted Island” Vegan Scenario is a Reality for Millions

The Nonprofit Bias: Research For Nonprofits By Nonprofits

The Only Vegan in the Department: Science, Anti-Veganism, and the Illusion of Objectivity

The Politics of the Pure Vegan Myth

The Problem with Milk Not Jails

The White Privilege in Vegan Moral Superiority

The Vegan Politics of Taste

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook and the Problem of Vegan Blackface

Unnecessarily Gendered Vegan Food

V-Rated: Sexualization as a Mechanism of Food Justice Depoliticization

Veganism “At All Costs” Hurts Animals

Veganism and the Problem of Cultural Diversity

Vegan Ethics and the Case for Black Widow Spiders

Vegan Sausage Rolls are Resisting the Brexit

What Black Lives Matter Can Teach White Vegans

What is Post-Speciesism?

White Women Wanted? Research Uncovers Diversity Strains in Vegan Media Spaces

Why I’m Giving Beyoncé’s Vegan Campaign a Chance

Why Vegan Sociology?

Why Vegans Don’t Wear “Leather”

World Vegan Month Series 2018: Social Psychology

Can You Read Yourself Vegan?

Cognitive Priming


Do-Gooder Derogation

Egoism and Helping

Happy People are Helping People

Identification Leads to Empathy

The Illusion of Transparency

Moral Licensing

Prosocial Media Modeling

Reality Politics



Socioemotional Selectivity Theory



World Vegan Month Series 2017: Social Psychology


Bystander Effect

Establishing Credibility

Decision Paralysis


Fostering Good Feelings



In-group Bias

Just-world Phenomenon

Mere Exposure Effect

Opinion Leaders

Primacy and Recency Effects

Reason and Emotion

Reciprocity Norm


Selective Exposure

Social Responsibility Norm

Two-Sided Appeals

World Vegan Month Series 2016: Vegan Research

An Empirical Look at Becoming Vegan

Race as a “Feeble Matter” in Veganism

Readability of Vegan Outreach Literature

The China Study

Veganism as a Cultural Movement

Vegan Geographies in Ireland


Why Feminist-Vegan Now?

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